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 Meino Meškėno veislės kačiukai Lietuvoje. Meškėnas – didžiausia naminė katė. Meinkūnai. Maine Coon kittens.

 Meino Meškėnas OKEANAS

Our Maine Coon   cattery  OKEANAS elite is located in a very beautiful place.
Near Alytus in southern part of Lithuania. Our cattery is registered in the International Feline Federation ( FIFe ). And we are  is a members of Cat Fanciers Club ” Selena “.
Our Coons live as family members with us in the house, as well we have an outside catrun where they stay during the nice weather. We breed healthy and big gentle giants Coons with a very lovely temperament, excellent type, long and good quality coats. We import parents from Germany, Holland, Denmark best catteries.

Our kittens go to new families with sales contract and not earlier then 3 or 4 month old. They have pedigree documents, microchip, EU health passport and are vaccinated and de-wormed according to age. Cats bred by us live in Germany, France, Norge, Sweden, Holland, Ireland, United Kingdom, Russia, Latvia and Estonia.

Our  cats are best friends of our dogs as we also bred dogs Labrador Retrievers. You are also very welcome to visit our Labrador Retrievers page at 

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